Shootout At the Speaker Corral v2.0

This may just become an annual thing. A year ago, Has Productions head honcho Larry Hall was looking to buy a new PA. And he had one advantage when it came to comparing them that just does not exist in most quarters. he has a client with a 10K seat arena. Said client has no issue at all with him using the room mid-week to test gear. So he was able to rope together a bunch of line arrays from a bunch of manufacturers and allow a bunch of sound guys (and a few sound chicks) to hear the arrays literally side-by-side.

This year he actually had people asking him when he was doing it again. So he did. Welcome to Shootout At the Speaker Corral v2.0.

The gunslingers with the guts to enter the arena this year: DAS, Nexo, Outline, RCF and VUE.

Like last year we asked five participants who listened to, tuned and hung the rigs for their thoughts on each one. Like last year there is a lot of disagreement. Like that is a surprise… But there were some consistent winners and they might not be who you think they would be.

And away we go…