The Shootout: This Year With Wedges!

This year’s shoot out was a great time. We had a great turnout of audio people, a fun group of manufactures and our friend Jason Decter mixing Queen and Blink 182 tracks on all of the systems.

We also added “console world”, and a wedge shoot out this year, how cool is that?

So who was nice enough to provide gear this year?

Nexo brought STM and 45N floor monitors.

Outline came in with GTO, C-12, GTO DF, GTO sub, ISM112 and ISM212 floor monitors.

RCF came to the party with TT36-AII, TT56 Subs, TT25 SMA Floor monitor.

DB Technologies brought their new DM15TH wedge designed by Thunder Audio.

DAS Aero 40, Aero 8, LX218CA.NET Sub, Convert 15a and Road 15 floor monitors.

VUE Audiotechnik brought AL8, AL4, and HD28 subwoofer, H8, HM112, HM, V4 and V6 Amplifiers.

We also had Digico SD7,SD9 7SD10s. Midas Pro6 & Pro3, SSL Live, and Yamaha brought a Q. QSC and Lab Gruppen showing off their new amps. TC Group also had Tannoy product as well.

We used a Midas Pro 6 for the PA shoot out and a Midas Pro2 for the wedge shoot out. This kept everything consistent.

The wedge shoot out was pretty simple. We played music through them at 95 DB (same song) then we grabbed a shitty old SM58 and ran each wedge up to feedback with a DB meter.

H.A.S. uses Adamson M15s and EAW MicroWedges. Though neither manufacture graced us with their presence, we used those wedges as our base.

The Outline wedges where smooth and fairly loud. With the SM 58 we were averaging about 109A weight before feedback with the double 12, so that didn’t suck. 106A with the single. Our base single 12 Microwedge was closer to 102A weight. (with Lab Gruppen PLM20K and EAW Gray Box settings)

The DAS Road 15 powered wedge, a single 15 was hovering around 105A weight. Very respectable for the price point, also has a nice tone to it. Requiring little EQ. We have used these as standalone drum wedges for some smaller acts, and they do just fine. Typical DAS. They make great gear that no one really knows about. Those of us that do however…….USE.

Our 15 inch base wedge the Adamson M15, was in the 109A weight range, at nearly twice the cost with power.

The cool guy wedge goes to Nexo. That maybe the coolest looking wedge on the planet, even better is how tight the pattern is. You can literally step in and out of its pattern, and array several wedges together with 0 phase or comb filtering issues. This wedge is a single 12 and was effortlessly averaging 110A weight. It also had the low end of a 15. So VERY sweet.

Tannoy had a small point source box called-that put it in the wedge shoot out. It was a very pleasant surprise. 105A weight and great tone. The floor monitor angle was not quite right, but I hear they are reworking that. A manufacture that actually accepts some input from the guys using the product? Who woulda thunk it?

RCF did what RCF always does. Came in quietly and blew everyone’s mind. Their wedges are probably the best bang for the buck and extremely compact. The TT25 SMA wedge averaged 107A weight while the DB Technologies DVX12 TH (designed by Thunder Audio) wedge was hitting an amazing 117! Of course these wedges are powered too. Both wedges are extremely light weight as well.

For me the runaway wedges however, same as last year are by far and away the VUE HM12 and HM212.

The sound quality of these wedges is simply not fair to any of the others. That said, they were also the most expensive wedge there. The best part about these wedges however is the SPL. Both dominated, and VUE did NO EQ. The HM112 average 113A weight, while the HM212 was averaging 118!

If you have the means, I suggest you pick some of these up.

I know I did!