Notes From the Driver

Jason Decter who is known to many of SPL’s faithful Followers as the FOH mix dude for Blink-182 and Avril Lavigne among others was driving all of the rigs for the shootout. And he was using actual live show tracks so this year attendees were able to get a better feel for what the rigs would sound like live 9as opposed to pumping only studio-produced tracks through them).

I was lucky enough to be asked to come down to Primm and mix some live tracks through some New Line Array Systems. The idea was to get a mix together using a Midas Pro6 and a DN9696 Playback machine. Same idea as a virtual soundcheck

H.A.S. organized a great event with lots manufactures with 3 sizes of Arrays, You had large format and Midsize and compact

In the Large format there was Outline GTO and Nexo STM .

Out of the 2 large Boxes I liked the GTO rig the best.. Lots of headroom smooth MF and HF.

I liked it a lot. Great horsepower

I would say That’s My Favorite in show

The Nexo rig seemed to lack something for me. I had a hard time getting what was very simple out of the GTO rig. The other thing I noticed with the nexo Stm was that when you walked off axis you can hear a change in tonality. I was not the same sound if you walked around, it seemed to me like there was a pattern thing happening with the MF on into the HF

My next comments will be about the compact rigs that were provided by VUE and DAS

VUE AL4 was a great little rig very impressive LF power even at the middle of an arena.

Favorite in Class the Aero8 It was an all around great sounding little box. Smooth punchy.

As far as the Midsize there were VUE/RCF/DAS

Very Tough Class First I thought I liked VUE then I turned on the RCF and liked that ,,Liked the DAS stuff. I liked the RCF stuff the best till I figured it was turned up +4db on My matrix send ☺

Favorite in Class for my ears was the VUE AL8/AL4 combo with there Subs

Warm Big Smooth Inviting

Great Imaging in the MF and HF

DAS Stuff I think could have been maybe Tuned a little better in my opinion so I fell It wasn’t properly presented for my visit.